i dream of being possible

wait. what's so bad about being a snowflake again?

like. i know where this phrase originates and why and how it is used…

but it is that sort of perverse d00dbr0 logic that puts marginalized people in a bind:

reddit trash constantly berates SJWs for being ‘speshul snowflakes” while insisting that many of us also uncritically and unthinkingly are just parrots for tumblr SJ ideology

we are, at once, both monolith and too individualistic.

which of course is the special kind of nonsense that anti-sj ppl love to push.


‘speshul snowflake”

has taken a life of its own within teh trans community, in large part thanks to the this generation”s True Transsexuals™, the (omg. i actually am too fucking tired to remember what their fucking name is, but u know who i”m talking about. that group of largely white transbr0s who assert that body dysphoria is necessary and defining of the trans experience).

these white transbr0s do like to get at nonbinary ppl for having special snowflake genders and all i can think is…


why shouldn”t we understand gender (and the embodied experiences of gender) to be as unique as the people who embody them?

like. i”m not talking about conceiving of trans/gender identities around a sense of white individualism

but um…

surely we can recognize that everyone”s relationship to gender is structured by a nexus of unique relationships that only they are capable of embodying (because even if we just consider environmental factors, no two ppl share exactly the same context — we share the cultural broadstrokes, but only i am me).

cis ppl articulate ‘speshul snowflake” feelings about their relationships to their genders ALL THE TIME

(see any given masc4masc white cisgay doing mental gymnastics to prove they aren”t flaming homos)

a plurality of embodied gender experiences is only a bad thing in a cisnormative world that insists that gender can only be experienced and embodied in a very few different ways.