i dream of being possible

ugh that one asian is trying and failing so


That one Asian is trying and failing so hard.

i just don’t get it.

Like. Let’s assume that hate speech is actually covered by free speech, which in the usa is often the case since the american free speech laws are often held with a sanctity that just isn’t true in canada.

Okay. So you can now feel comfortable knowing that if you were wandering the streets screaming anti-Black slurs, no one would be able to legally stop you (pretending that free speech laws even apply between individuals).

So you have this right. And this is how you want to use it? Really?

You can say anything you want in the world. And this what you want to say. A violent, anti-Black slur who’s sole purpose is the dehumanization of Black people (when uttered by any non-Black person).

Just because you can say it, doesn’t mean you should.

This is also why I don’t really subscribe to the very white/western discourse on rights. Since this discourse, in so many ways, really just seems to guarantee and entrench social, political, and economic disparities.

Shall we talk responsibilities instead?

Like, how it is morally obligatory that you do not run around being a giant anti-Black shitstain? That you have a responsibility to insure a public space that is welcoming and non-harmful to Black people?

But, no.

You just want to use the n-word.


Every Asian should be proud of you and your willingness to die on this hill.

I certainly feel uplifted by your brave willingness to suport white supremacy.