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ugh. in which i loathe 'non-binary' people

boxes were meant to be opened – tardigradedontcare – Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own].

Linked here is a teen wolf fic where the main character is agender.

And, you know? i can just smell the whiteness in this story.

November 20th is never a good day for Stiles, especially if it falls on a school day. Beacon Hills High is not necessarily filled with trans* advocates, or even people who know what the hell trans* means, but there’s something about TDoR that makes people feel the need to suddenly show (incredibly half-assed) support. Every other person Stiles passes in the hall is wearing purple and it’s obvious that throughout the day xe is being judged by self-righteous cis teenagers who genuinely believe that wearing a purple shirt in honor of something that they know little to nothing about can be considered forward progress.

Stiles gets through the day by imagining how satisfying it would be to ask one of the aforementioned teens if they knew the importance of the asterisk in trans* and then sit back and watch them flounder.

I’d normally let shit like this go ‘cause I stay the fuck out of all the oppressive shit fandom normally does…

but. you know??? this author is clearly more concerned about an asterisk than actually recognizing what the trans day of remembrance is.

you know what it isn’t? It isn’t, in point of fact, about pushing some political agenda about asterisks or pushing some bullshit agenda about binarism.

In fact, for the most part , the ‘trans’ day of remembrance is so vastly inaccurate that all it does is serve to erase who the day is actually about and for:

trans women of colour and trans feminine people of colour 

and will call out any white person, cis or trans, binary or non, who fails to fucking mention this any time they bring up TDoR.

(and, yeah, i don’t know anything about this writer, but… this shit is so fucking white that they are either white or licking the buthole of white supremacy)

fuck you


for sitting on your high horse and using this story to sneer at cis people and their erasure when that is exactly what you are doing

go fuck yourself.

stop writing until you learn how to be a human being