i dream of being possible

tw mentions of lynching kkk and other triggering

one thing I’d love?

Is if people would stop using images of lynching, the kkk, slavery, and other seriously white supremacist and anti-Black stuff would stop being appended to every fucking article on racism ever.

Like. And, this is a callout to non-Black people: stop using these images so casually. Especially if you are non-Black and talking about racism, yet using images that purely relate to a predominantly Black experience.

Based on the news I read, I don’t think there is a single day where I don’t see an image like this. They are horrible. And. Often, the content of the article doesn’t warrant using images like this (yes, racism is horrible, but acts of racism are not equally so).

(once more: this is directed to non-Black people only. I have nothing to say about how Black people wish to use images of their own history).