i dream of being possible

hands that are quiet

“(tw: abuse)”

i just read the quiet hands

and. yeah. essential reading.

and you know? the post starts off with a gif of emma and mr. schue from glee.

did you know (before this scene) based on the way that he interacts with her and her ocd that i wrote a blog post about how he is abusive?

only to have a bunch of wemma shippers descend on my blog with a fuckton of abuse?

only to have (after this scene and their continued relationship) other big name glee fans say the same thing?

i recognize this abuse. something deep inside of me recognizes it.

i have no clear memories of being abused in this way.


i still wonder what changed me from the happy and joyful child i used to be

to the quiet, withdrawn child and adult i grew up to be.