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tw abuse neglect lack of support

Wow. Blahblahblather’s comment on the abuse post really struck a chord with me.

Because, yeah, I definitely minimize my abuse and my neglect. Especially the neglect. I mean… I usually had enough to eat and mostly had clothes and stuff. (even if my sister usually had to ask to get me new clothes, otherwise no one would notice)

Always minimizing.

It also calls to mind how Diane Tran turned down the 100K raised for her because someone else must be struggling more.

This is true. You can almost always point to someone who has it worse. Whose experiences were more terrible.

These people need all the help and support they can get.

I just hate the way it is always treated like a finite commodity. Our attention and/or support.

Because while some people need less, they still need.

And I want a world where all survivors get the support they need, even if it is a miniscule amount and especially if it is a great amount.