i dream of being possible

turning point


I feel powerful and amazing. 

My head feels clearer than it has been for a long while

for some reason I’d been confused (again) by white rhetoric

I’m not sure if I should (but I might) unfollow the few white people I follow. I still seem to be in a delicate place re: working out how I want to get to a better place in terms of embodying my genderessence. 

but it is a powerful and amazing thing to study your history and remembering your place

knowing your history/past/heritage is a great tool for resisting colonialism 

I am part of a long line of people whose role it is to nourish, health, and support our community

I do not need validation from white institutions, people, or anything else

I do not need white medicine to for me to be what I am

I am human

I know my role

I have a place



all these things are mine and always have been

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