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too much work

don’t want to derail this thread

but something lovewashername wrote, about why her parents want to go back, one reason was ‘too much work’

this interests me

because I know that island people everywhere (or just people from hot/tropical countries) have been called lazy. people make jokes about island time and folk just not rushing. true enough of my family.

lazy lazy lazy

even though most tropical areas are just so fucking abundant that meeting your basic needs really isn’t that difficult. for the most part, the weather is good, so no worries about having a solid home with good heating (air con is different story though, lol. but we can also have an entirely different discussion about how colonization changed Indigenous building practices such that the change in materials and structures make things like air con necessary for human comfort).

you live in north america though.

the expectation, via capitalism, is that you have to work until the day you die. and if you are poor (like many of us from immigrant families are). especially if you are WoC. you’ll be work 40+ hours a week. minimum wage. struggling to make ends meet.

work work work

to support the capitalist machine. to feel like you are a good productive human being.

fuck capitalism and the way it makes you have to work at crummy shitty fucking jobs

too much work, indeed,