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today in things that don't impress. shit isn't this easy, buddy.

So. Yeah. this d00d, Joe Kort, Ph.D.: Coming Out of My ‘Trans’ says this:

I need to come out – again! I need to admit that up until recently I have been transphobic. I can admit this today because I have made a complete change and have removed most of my negativity around transgendered folks.

But. Really. You read through the article and see how his experiences with the type of femmephobia that is borne of transmisogyny, caused him to be transphobic.

Great. And now he is cured!

Sorry, buddy, but this shit isn’t an easy on/off switch. You don’t get to write a 1000 words and suddenly be absolved.

If I have to work at this shit and overcoming my internalized transmisogyny, you sure as fuck better be spending your life working at it too.

Anything else? Leaves you just as transmisogynist as before. Only smugly thinking you are somehow better than anyone else.