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should canada’s guest worker program be a model for the usa?

I basically knew that this story was going to be full of shit when I saw this:

He was one of nearly 16,000 temporary workers from Mexico imported by Canada last year

Look. When you talk about human being likes this (imported ffs), you are doing something wrong. And I like how they kept touting the $10.25 wage that the workers get paid…

Except. That is minimum wage in BC. They legally cannot get paid less than that. Period. It isn’t high or all that special. Particularly since these people work long hours with no overtime.

What about this shit?

Once in Canada, the workers live like monks, sleeping in trailers or barracks, under contractual agreements that forbid them from drinking alcohol and having female visitors, or even socializing with other Mexican workers from different farms.

Like. This shouldn’t be a model for anyone. But.

What this article doesn’t talk about is the woc who are exploited by this program. Because while it is good that the Mexican workers have some recourse to address workplace abuse, not everyone has the same ability within this system (and I have serious doubts about just how much this particular group is able to make trouble… since I’m sure they count on being asked to return and there is limited space so…).

Ugh. I hate simplistic shit like this.