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this conversation on clothes is giving me all

This conversation on clothes is giving me all sorts of feelings. It is also really highlighting one big non-binary issue: having the means and money to actually acquire the things you need to express what various genders you may have.

And how much of this really does depend on how well you are able to access the financial means via a job or whatever, something where PoC are clearly disadvantaged, since we, on the whole, tend to make far less money and have higher unemployment.

And that unemployment skyrockets if you are a trans Black person, high too for Latin@ people if I remember correctly. I think that big survey put the Black trans* unemployment at about 26% or something. And the Latin@ unemployment rate at 20%. And not to forget about the extremely high levels of poverty in both groups.

Maintaining a wardrobe (especially a professional one) for one gender can be really expensive. Maintaining it for two or three? Disastrous.

Just another example of how the structural inequalities of this system work to keep resources out of the hands of people who need them. How some of us can’t even meet some basic needs (clothing is a basic need).