i dream of being possible

thing im tired of seeing on tumblr

been seeing a lot for the past few months

people are still acting like there is only one way to be triggered, one way to deal with/interact with your triggers, people acting like professor x and reading minds and being able to say “no, this person who is triggered, is in fact lying about it!”

i hope you all step on legos


i want to actually focus on the ‘real triggers aren’t just about being uncomfortable’

beyond the ableism of the notion that trigger = panic attack

can we have a conversation about this idea that survivors can only ask people not to be entire shitheads if and only if they are in the middle of or in the process of having a panic attack or some equally ‘legit’ trigger response

can we talk about how all i hear when people say this shit is just another abuser saying that people don’t have some kind of right to seek comfort and security and to, idk, ask people around them not to compromise that?

or maybe that the last time i seriously ignored my ‘discomfort’ it resulted in a violent attack that permanently (if mildly) disabled me?

like how discomfort is often the first sign that maybe you are in a bad situation and maybe should get the fuck out

and maybe just maybe if i could actually expect anyone else to care about my comfort

maybe i could avoid being triggered a lot more?

or maybe if more people actually cared about my comfort, i could actually find the security and peace i need to actually focus on my healing and getting past my trauma?

but. no. the comfort of survivors trivializes those people with ‘real’ triggers