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the teenwolf fandom's dilemma

see the current problem the teen wolf fandom has right now

is that they”ve spent two seasons bashing Scott in both overt and covert

ways (yes… calling him ‘stupid” or a ‘potato” is covert bashing, even

when you do it with seeming affection)

so many writers, being the largely uncreative lot they are, cannot

construct stories whereby they can shift the focus of the narrative

without tearing Scott down at the same time.

So while Scott, in fandom, has been berated and mocked for his poor

leadership (and Derek as well… but Derek always has much more potential

and ability to grow than Scott is ever given).

Now we have canon firmly establishing that Scott has the moral character

and necessary virtue to become a True Alpha. And, at best, fandom is ignoring this. Just straight out refusing to deal with the fact that their need to trample over poc for white boy love has painted them into a corner.

All just because they cannot imagine a world where white leadership doesn”t establish itself on the backs of poc.