i dream of being possible

the stereotypes around asians and art

is one of those examples of how you know that no one but white people ever win in white supremacy

at the dawn of colonialism and for several hundred years, the overall notion of Asians was of being ~deep~ ~mysterious~ ~poetic~

this lives on with stuff like Master Oogway from Kungfu Panda. That old Asian d00d who spouts nonsense masquerading as wisdom

then we get to the computer age and Asians get a reputation for being good with them and technology (although never creatively just sort of… passively minituriazing tech rather than innovating it).

all the while understand well enough that white people treat you like shit if you don’t have money and are just a labourer and that high status jobs like being a doctor/lawyer/engineer not only pay well but are ‘respectable’ in that white classist way

so nowadays

Asians get this reputation for not being creative and artistic because we are too much like robots (in the very physical sense of the average factory worker in an Asian country willing to work long hours in unsafe conditions ‘without complaint’) or in the psychological sense where our brains are only good for math and we work well with computers because we our brains basically work programmatically and we just directly interface with them because it isn’t like we have emotions or whatever getting the way

despite the ongoing Asian arts. with also super long histories. despite the disproportionate Asian musicians in white classical music.

and white people will think this all the while continue to appropriate elements of our aesthetics or the arts themselves (see tattooing).

because only white people win in white supremacy