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the problem isn't discussion

small quibble with an otherwise good post (so i’m commenting off it)

[ableism]’s not talked about as much as other “-isms” (racism, sexism, etc).

i know i tend to go around in certain circles these days.

but it always bothers me when ppl don’t specify who isn’t talking about this. the disabled ppl i know often talk about ableism. indeed, it is a frequent topic of conversation.

comments like this also hint at a certain zero sum framing.

‘racism, sexism, etc.’ are talked about too much and, thus, ableism not enough. we should talk about those less and ableism more.

it also makes that fundamental mistake of liberal politics.

that ‘discussion’ ‘discourse’ ‘awareness’ is somehow necessary or beneficial towards freeing ourselves from oppression.

the fact that conversations on race have been happening for such a long time, and yet all we’ve made are small, incremental changes, should be a clear sign that ‘talking about something’ or ‘raising awareness’ is not what is actually needed

(or that it is a non-essential aspect of resistance and liberation)

in part, because the people aren’t talking about it and who are ignorant, are our oppressors.

what good does it do to talk about oppression with them, if the problem is and remains that

they do not see us as human

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