i dream of being possible

the other amusing ironic thing

is that every time stuff with reddit/anti-sj blogs goes down, all they do

is confirm my other claim about how logic and rationality are used in

racist/sexist/oppressive ways

because the dialogue breaks down like this

me: makes a claim based on factual evidence

them: points and laughs

and throughout this entire process, they’ll maintain that i’m the

irrational, illogical one

and the few that do bother to actually attempt an argument rarely manage to

do so without invoking one of their own logical fallacies

(ie. the straw man “omg, some white european had a tattoo 5000 years ago,

so they couldn’t have been appropriating from Polynesians” or the ad

hominem “zomg, look at this social justice warrior they said logic was

racist! what an idiot”)

sure, i know i also confirm their biases by behaving in ways that they

perceive as ridiculous or irrational the way ‘us sj warriorz’ always are.