i dream of being possible

the need to justify and righteous causes


in writing this, i have to say that i am not Indigenous to the land i”m occupying and talking. i also have no idea if the post i”m responding to was written by an Indigenous person.

I more want to talk about the framing anyway…

so. something pretty big is happening in ‘canada” right now. rather canada is involved with a conflict with the Elsipogtog Nation.

and i”m seeing a bunch of posts and whatever explaining why fracking is so bad as a sort of …. idk, explanation for why the Elsipogtog Nation is opposing it.

now, obviously, if memmbers of that nation or other Indigenous peoples feel these explanations are necessary to gain non-Indigenous support


but as a reminder to all the non-Indigenous people and/or settlers:

no explanation is necessary

it is their land.and they have every right to say ‘yes/no” to whatever for whatever reason

and we should support them in doing so, regardless if the reason is righteous or not.

(like, if they didn”t want this to happen ‘cause the company refused to use pink tractors instead of yellow ones, this still deserves any and all support. because you never need a ‘good” reason to excersize your rightful autonomy.)