i dream of being possible

the more this discussion continues the more rage i

Normally, I try to not engage white supremacists. Nothing to be gained there.

But these damn white trans* women are hitting a very specific nerve with me right now.

Trans women of colour, mostly Latina and/or Black and/or Indigenous, are being killed, attacked, etc. at alarming and terrible rates.

And they think that us remembering our dead (inasmuch as I’m allowed to claim this, being neither Black nor Latina@), is erasing their stories and silencing their voices.

They somehow still fail to realize that their support of white supremacy played a role in those TWoC’s deaths.

Yeah. I said it:

You, white trans* people, are complicit in their deaths.

You. Are. Complicit. You. White. Supremacist. Asses.

Because your callous lack of empathy and desperate need to be at the centre of everything reveals how and why you support white supremacy. We see you.

Our people are dying and you played a role in killing them.

So. No. I’m not letting this go. Because while I’m generally not the hardest person on tumblr or in real life, there are some things too important. This is one of them.

So. No. I’m not letting this go.

Fuck all of you forever.