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the interesting thing to me about saying that

The interesting thing to me.

About saying that ppl have a responsibility to educate....

Is that some ppl who actually decide that this *is* how they want to spend some of their time are, at turns,

1. Outright ignored, like no one will talk to them. This happened with me for a long time. I know it happens to others.

2. Expected to set no boundaries or rules for engagement. Like, you have to be available 24/7 and can't, say, expect ppl to engage go good faith.

3. Subject to abuse when ppl don't have a super fun time getting their education. This isn't kindergarten, if you don't think learning is fun, that is your problem.

There is a reason many of us end up giving up on doing it at all. It is exhausting, thankless, and often futile.