i dream of being possible

the big reason i get super harsh with all those

the big reason i get super harsh with all those info graphics and job

hunting advice things

is that…

i fucking wish that i’d been able to find good, practical job hunting

advice for

IaoPoC looking for work

becuase, while, I’ve got that light skin (and more recently the white

passing stuff)

no one was really able (and online advice never helped) to prepare me for

the vast amounts of biases and systemic discrimination that accrues around

looking for work.


because of me not understanding these nuances

i really would have needed someone to tell me that

dressing femme is a bad idea

that i need to send out a lot more resumes since my name will have 30% of

people just tossing out my resume without reading it

that my swishy body language was all not good

‘cause i wonder how many else people look at all the job hunting advice

that is out there

and think that

“what i need to do to get a job is be someone who isn’t me”

And I wish that there was more advice that actually helped people like me

cope with this reality

becuase all the hard times i’ve had with finding work. it would have been

nice to know that it isn’t about how much i’m actually worth. at all.