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that post re some guy trying to deconstruct the

that post re: some guy trying to deconstruct the western/white gender binary by using a bunch PoC examples.

yeah. it decontextualizes a lot of stuff. relies too heavily on information provided by white anthropologists. and, hwen i first saw it, was mostly being praised.

i’m also seeing. at least in one case. tht it suddenly is opening the floor for a bunch of white people to discuss IaoPoC genders. seeing one reply by some italian anthro student or whatever on the Nandi makes me shake my head.

if any of you actually understand what was wrong with the post. you’d still know that no one cares what one white person learned from a book. not even if you are correcting another white person.

at the end of the day… you are still using white knowledge. and. you don’t get it.

no needs you to represent them. no one is looking for a white saviour.