i dream of being possible

that person is a good example of how liberatory

that person is a good example of how

liberatory discourse becomes diluted and meaningless

“my lived experience contradicts your point about history and your

existence!? SO THERE”

er. okay.

you realize that this isn’t how it works, right?

‘lived experience’ is not a get out of jail free card for you to vomit

your oppressive feelings all over the place

if your lived experience is rooted in oppression (say, white supremacy

for white people)

you cannot invoke like a magical incantation against truth

(my lived experience includes a shitton of anti-Blackness, which is why

I’m anti-Black. Do you know what I do, then? when Black people are

talking about their experiences and lives and oppression, i shut the

fuck up. so I don’t continue to oppress them.

what i don’t use is my lived experience as an anti-Black Asian as an

excuse to keep being anti-Black)