i dream of being possible

that mixed-with-white privilege

i was all set to write something about the whole ‘mixed-with-white” special snowflake thing


i just don”t have the energy

maybe it is because i come from a culture where mestisas (like me) are so clearly and obviously privileged over ‘monoracial” pin@ys, our Indigenous ppls, and the Aetas (who are indigenous but the hierarchy tends to separate them out):

and it has been this way for hundreds of years

it continues today

to the extent that many pin@ys claim to be more mixed than they actually are (ordisavow being ‘Filipin@” or ‘Asian” entirely)

and i look at the mixed-with-white ppl who start these whole ‘mixed race” initiatives or whatever the fuck

and while they may not have the same history and background

it makes me want to scream


their minds are so clouded by whiteness

that they cannot fucking see the truth that is all around them

being mixed-with-white doesn”t cause any of us to experience a special kind of oppression. none of our experiences are unique (in terms of oppression).

the only way that we are ‘special” is the ways that — esp. for those of us who have very light skin and/or don”t always code as iaopoc — whiteness can and does grant us conditional privileges

so that we can cause dissention and discord among our ppl

which is, sadly, the path that many of us choose to take.

so. gud job being a tool of white supremacy.