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surveillance isn't the answer

Recently, Laverne Cox has been in the news for calling out the US Census (I think) for not counting trans people in the US.

It isn”t that I think she”s wrong, exactly, but that ideologically, I don”t think this is the solution to teh communities problems.

Yes, I know that the Injustice at Every Turn report has been massively influential in terms of policy within the US because it provides much needed data for a world increasingly driven by data (and being encouraged to push data-driven solutions). I also understand that data and demographic data is frequently used to justify or provide cause for certain communities to be allocated (artificially scarce) resources.

As a short term, immediate, and pragmatic goal, yes, I agree with Ms. Cox.

However, in a longer term, ‘let”s get free” sense, I really want to say this:

State surveillance isn”t the answer we are looking for.