i dream of being possible

suddenly thinking about the idea of being 'too sensitive' when it comes to oppression

you often hear people (usually the ones with privilege) whining about how sj warriors are ‘too sensitive’. and it just struck me as strange (and amusing) because, i fundamentally think that i am still not sensitive enough.

and that, in many ways, i’ve been working for years on becoming more and more sensitive to oppression and its operations.

i’ve somewhat mentioned before, about how i lived with a white supremacist and transmisogynist white d00d for years? years that i spent laughing at ironic racist jokes. years i spent with him policing my gender. years being abused and having my self confidence destroyed.

all because i wasn’t sensitive enough.

and then there are all the people i hurt with oppressive thoughts, attitudes, and actions because i wasn’t sensitive enough to how my actions can directly contribute to the oppression of someone else

because it only serves oppressors when we are desensitized to oppression

people cry ‘ur too sensitive’

and all they want me to do

is not care

when i’m dehumanized

about my safety

about my freedom

just not care