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suddenly really struck by the gender stuff

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with this stuff on white women and sex tourism

Now, a few ppl have commented that it is pretty common for white women to target young Black men/boys. In various parts of the Carribean, parts of Africa. I haven’t seen mention, but I’ve not doubt that this is true in Latin America (as well as having Latino men likewise targetted for sex tourism).

Now, because the focus there is on white women, not hearing anything about white men being sex tourists in those areas (but… it kinda goes without saying and I think I remember BD writing a little about this).

I guess I’m speaking more to the… popular media presentation of sex tourism and the gender and race implications.

White women are preying on Black men.

White men are most often shown preying on SE Asian women.

Now. Sex tourism is a global phenomena impacting pretty much any country where white people visit.

I just…


there is something interesting in how these two narratives get popular play