i dream of being possible

suddenly having a lot of feelings

about the ways that (at least in the white west)

the very few Asian men who get sexualized and objectified

still end up reifying a very white normative and hegemonic notion of


because as hot as I think, say Daniel Dae Kim or Godfrey Gao, are

but DDK with his super square jaw and mr. Gao with his sexy scruff

are two men closer to what the white hegemonic notion of masculine beauty

is supposed to be

i cannot think of a single round faced Asian man who achieved even the

smallest amount of sex symbol status in white media

but i can remember seeing more than a few pop stars with that look while I

was living in China.

more to the point: i remember more than one Asian girl calling them

handsome or being the sort of guy they wanted to date. I can also remember

more than one instance of a white person in canada musing about why it is

that Asian women/people like their popstars to look so ‘boyish’.