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Stuff like this always makes me shake my head

3 Reasons Millennials Are America’s “Cheapest Generation”

because, while the article can point to things like high student debt as one of the reasons why our generation is ‘cheap’ these articles never really like to point out how

the changing demographics (ie., more poc kids than before) and the concentration in urban centres as well as the distributions of wealth

means… you aren’t being cheap if you aren’t spending you don’t have

but also never pointing out how the older generations benefited from social programs and government spending they claim we no longer need (why was university so much cheaper before? oh. right more government contributions. how could people better afford it? wages actually increased along with the growth of the economy?)

it is especially funny (in that depressing sort of way) to see the continued discussion about why our generation aren’t buying houses.

(because…if you know economics, you know that the house industry is a key component of our economics and economic health, as it drives several different and important industries)

without mentioning how… oh, just 5 or so years ago there was a mortgage crisis because rich white people created a housing bubble so that they could get richer. and how this bubble clearly demonstrated to many of us that this ‘investment’ that houses are always supposed to be

are really just worthless as many poc household had their only source of ‘wealth’ destroyed (either by the market correction, or by foreclosure). and people suddenly realizing that….

‘buying’ a house doesn’t actually mean anything when some rich white person can still swoop in and bulldoze it. regardless of anything that you do.

so… why buy a house on stolen land just to participate in an economy clearly designed for your exploitation?