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stuff i also wrote into the whole can white

Stuff I also wrote into the whole ‘can white people use third gender’ thing but was, like way off topic:

It was also used in a sexist-ish type of way. Because I refuse to believe that there were no examples of dfab people occupying different genders and that this was not a real thing in at least some cultures. Except… the sexism of early anthropologists meant that they just focused on the dmab people and how strange they found it that ‘men’ would want or could be women and/or not-men. But since these early white people were often the only people writing shit down and also forcibly converting everyone, I have the sneaking suspicion that many of these stories are lost. Likely also because of the ways that dmab trans people are more ‘visible’ because of certain ideas surrounding gender.

I wonder… did these white anthropologists even see any of the dfab peeps occupying ‘mens’ roles or whatever? We know that white people *still* have trouble telling PoC apart. And since facial hair really is one of the most common giveaways… I just wonder. About all the stories lost because white people can’t see past their racism and prefer to invent reality, instead of living it.

Omg. I need to stop. My brain is literally just vomitting things almost entirely unrelated to what I started writing about.