i dream of being possible

stories i want to see in film

I mentioned on tumblr that I’d prefer to watch a movie featuring a genderescent person playing video games for 5 hours over seeing yet another transition story of some white person. This is true.

I also mentioned that such a movie would be more honest and more real. And in many ways it would be.

It would also be a chance to actually see genderescent people as people. Just one of us going about our business and living our lives.

Something like this would actually be inspirational. Motivating. And more wonderful than I even have words for.

Because how often do we get to see ourselves in media portrayed as humans? How often do we get to be boring? Not often with all the tokenizing, exotifying, and othering we get in the media.

Lets be honest: many of our lives are mundane and boring. And this is okay. Our lives are also beautiful and more wondrous than white people could ever imagine or understand.

It is sad that a movie showing a genderescent person just being human would be revolutionary. And groundbreaking.

And yet….

I have my doubts that this is a story that’ll be told any time soon.