i dream of being possible

still thinking about the 50 hot moc list

so. i pointed out how antionio banderes shouldn’t be on the list as a white spaniard. someone else pointed out how oded fehr is an Ashkenazi Jewish man. Also white.

it strikes me as interesting… the way that this evokes a time of the older days where it was pretty regular to have white people play ‘ethnic’ roles instead of casting a poc. and how, generally, it is totally okay for media to do this.

and worse, they’ll do it frequently enough that they actually end up taking some of the few roles available to poc.

but on the other hand….

we all know that poc can’t (unless they are really light skinned) play anything usually but what they are. this is especially true of Black people.

Heck, for Black people, sometimes they can’t even play roles with IDs they actually have (see Gina Torres and not being able to play Latina roles).

i don’t even know where i was going with all of this. i started this earlier and my brain is too tired and i’m too fucking dismal right now to write.

either way.

i’ve been thinking about this