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still not impressed

so that story that has been going around about a 3rd grade trans girl fighting a battle to use the washroom…

seems to be in line with the comment I made a little while ago about the media and how it is constantly telling the stories of trans kids as a means for sensationalist reporting 

because many trans adults are having many bathroom problems

and no one cares

but the reason why it does matter

is so that young girl doesn’t have to fight this battle. 

and I have nothing but contempt for all the people who never cared before, suddenly being interested and concerned about teh childrenz.

(who matter and are important and have always existed but also need the adults to create a world where they are supported and don’t have to be the centre of a some sensationalistic media storm because they need to fucking pee.)

(and why is it in the media always about the washrooms? the headlines always say this and the stories will only make minimal mention of the institutional bullying committed by the administration, teachers, and other authority figures.)

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