i dream of being possible

sometimes it feels like we are doomed to wander


it feels like we are doomed to wander around in the same circle over and over again

with nothing substantive changing.

originally i hadn’t wanted to say anything about the callouts of anti-Blackness i’ve seen re: darkmatterrage

bc ppl should really REALLY listen to the Black ppl who’ve done the calling out.

and, tbh, i feel like

why haven’t u been in a position to hear these criticisms before?

same with the ppl asking ‘what do we do?’

why aren’t you already listening to Black ppl?

Black ppl have been telling us for a long time what they want from non-Black ppl.

i mean. i suppose i could’ve just stuck with personal experience and the ways that they’ve repackaged some of my ideas.

but i’d rather ppl pay attention to the anti-Blackness