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something to remember.... on this uk news cycle of transmisogyny

i see that the person who started this round, suzzanne moore, has kept the fire burning by adding some fuel.

one thing i know’ll happen after all this has died down and things have moved on, is that there will be no real consequences. julie burchill had one article pulled but she’ll continue to be a ‘journalist’ and will continue making her living publishing her garbage. so will moore. for all that julie bindel likes to complain about being censored and silenced (or similarly with other [r]dfms), she still has a career spreading her hate filled ideology. so do all the other prominent figures of this shit.

because. this is the world we currently live in: one where because feminism supports, rather than challenges, the power structure, feminists will continue to be rewarded for their participation within that ideology and movement.

perhaps… even more important, are the ways that moore will be able to use the controversy to leverage even better deals with news outlets. this kind of shit sells papers and gets people engaged. media has little interest in actually a) telling the truth or b) doing anything but making money.

(note: I’m note suggesting stuff like this should be ignored. that isn’t a solution. all i’m pointing out is how this is exactly the way that this is supposed to work. for them at least. for the rest of us, we are supposed to be happy and content with being dehumanized and simply grin and bear it. or. when we can’t, give them a great news week of “x person was oppressive” “issue fake apology” “more outrage” “say something even more shitty” “more outrage” wait for it to die down and then rinse, repeat)

i guess my question is, since this has started all over again: how much money is she making from this?