i dream of being possible

something that causes my heart to hurt

That a definition of luck I just saw is avoiding becoming a victim of white eugenics (which is really a slow kind of genocide). 

I often see sentiments like this, that avoiding x experience of oppression is lucky. 

Every manner and way that we manage to resist oppression is awesome and should be celebrated…

But think about how awful this measurement of luck is. And other similar things. 

While my family was poor growing up, we never went hungry. I feel lucky that I had enough to eat even though I didn’t always have clothes that fit or were in good repair. I feel blessed about this. 

But, fuck, not starving and/or not being a victim of eugenics is a pretty poor measure for luck. 

This is the world we live in: 

A place where I feel lucky that my poor immigrant one parent family had enough food. 

Or someone mentioning they feel blessed to have medical insurance to access needed services. 

Is it just me? Or should I stop thinking that this sort of shit should be the absolute minimum? 

No families should starve. No one should fear eugenics. Everyone should have access to medical services. Etc. 

I think of all the things that really make me feel defeated, it is when I feel blessed for shit that should just come out of the box for just being born.