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something riley wrote earlier has been rolling

Something Riley wrote earlier has been rolling around in my brain because I also find it irritating as hell.

The people who delete posts after being called out always strike me as trying to avoid accountability. It may not always be the case. But.

After watching c-f do it over and over again. Along with numerous white people who were being racist. (this list goes on)

It bugs me.

I get the urge. I really do. I’ve written shit that I’ve been called out for and desperately wanted to delete. Especially when I know people are still seeing and responding.

But it is something I’ve done and deleting it won’t erase the hurt I caused. I suppose some argument could be made for deleting so you don’t cause further hurt… but that seems pretty flimsy. But no. If it is something you’ve done and it is causing hurt, leave it be. People have a right to call that out. And if you are trying to grow and be better, you gotta take it.

Because your discomfort =/= their pain.