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something riley said at the end of this thread

Something Riley said at the end of this thread here is also something that has been bubbling around my brain.

It is something that also makes me laugh a little whenever the epic battle between white trans women and white cis feminists (be they radical or not) rolls across my dash…

From where I’m sitting, I sincerely cannot tell the difference between any of you. All I see are two different groups of white people telling me how I should understand my gender while shitting on the people who need the must (Black and/or Latin@ and/or Indigenous women, trans or cis, and all other WoC).

I feel the same when I see any two groups of white people arguing about anything. Like, libertarians vs. socialists. So on and so on.

You all look the same to me. The exact contours and reasons why and how you contribute to my oppression and the oppression of people I care about might be different, but I really don’t have time to work it all out ‘cause I don’t care.