i dream of being possible

so while im not clear that wed be able to

so, while i’m not clear that we’d be able to sufficiently sort out whether

or not ‘princex’ is appropriative when used by white ppl….

i’m probably going to look in askance at the white non-binary ppl who use

it anyway. i mean… this is the set of white trans ppl that i don’t like

anyway, in part because they always seem to be pulling shit like this.

and i’m generally inclined to think that it is most likely something

stolen because white ppl haven’t contributed a single thing to liberatory

discourse that they didn’t steal and sanitize from iaopoc thinkers.

and even if princex wasn’t stolen… i’m also inclined to think that white

ppl should concede the use to iaopoc communities anyway. just because.

well, fuck white ppl. you always take but never concede.