i dream of being possible

so someone i trust has informed me that maybe i

so. someone i trust has informed me that maybe i misinterpreted what that

person was saying in response to my bullying post.


even if so. a more charitable interpretation of their statement still

clearly shows that they had very little clue as to what the actual problem

was about.

even more important: the post was clearly about the racialized nature of

bullying in america.

which means, at the very little, a comment comming from a white person

that even if it is jst on the surface, appears to be trying to center

their experience

will not be well received.

it will be even less well received when (as should have been cleaer) that

i wasn’t discussing an abstract situation or problem.

A child is no longer with us becasue of this problem. my heart hurts. and

i’m full of rage.

keep your abstract, white rhetoric away from posts like that. or, in

general, me. i don’t have the time, space, or luxury to look at the world

like that.