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so i took a look at the huge queue of news i haven't been reading and read a few things...

so i took a look at the huge queue of news i haven”t been reading and read a few things (didn”t have the energy to write summaries, though, sorry.)

and… of course i see an article by a enby of colour – also dmab – who is talking about how the recent trans visibility isn”t helping enbies like them (or perhaps me, idk).

bc apparently only cis-blending, thin, conventionally attractive, binary people are getting attention or whatever. and that this media visibility isn”t helping ppl like them.

whats fascinating is that i figured out the writer just by the first sentence. and it is, unsurprisingly, a person whose been called out for anti-Blackness before and… still really hasn”t done a single thing to address this.

now. the article makes an explicit reference to Laverne Cox”s times cover where it said we were experiencing a transgender tipping point or whatever.

i can only surmise from this that they are including Ms. Cox in this pronouncement that trans visibility isn”t really helping ‘visibly gender non-conforming” people like themselves.

its an interesting sleight of hand that depends on anti-Blackness bc Ms. Cox has said on several occasions that she is regularly clocked as being trans. while, sure, she might have a ‘binary” gender presentation, this doesn”t, in fact, mean that she is suddenly not a ‘visibly gender non-conforming” trans person.

anyway. this is a good example of why i don”t talk to a lot of enbies. even ones of colour. bc… this? is still bullshit.