i dream of being possible

since ive seen a few discussions about

since i’ve seen a few discussions about it…

i’ve mentioned before and i’ll say again:

i fucking hate using the words fe/male to describe myself or other people.

i never do. i don’t actually understand why anyone does. but. people can

use whatever words they want for themselves.

but. why use it for other people ever?

i’ve seen riley’s posts about it and (more recently) someone saying they

don’t like a general equivalence between female/woman, unless expressed

otherwise by a trans woman…

and i need to think more on this

but splitting hairs on this (and what it means for the more biologically

essentiallist ‘female’) is exactly why

trans women need expensive fucking surgery and a billion letters from

doctors, psychologists, etc etc just to change their birth certificates.

and look. i just am remembering a story about the first (and so far only)

trans woman in Vietnam getting her F-status revoked because they managed

to find a loop hole in the law to revoke the legal change.

this isn’t a neutral topic.

and insisting on a strong distinction between

woman and ‘F’

is the source of a lot of serious fucking problems for trans women.

so if you are dfab…

you should really think really fucking hard about how you are mobilizing

this distinction

because… it may turn out that your hurting trans women

(and that is fucking unnacceptable)