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shaking hands and other shit i hate

I just finally realized part of why I hate shaking hands so much (beyond being just seriously grossed out by touching other people’s hands). 

What better way to teach people (children, etc) that they have no body autonomy besides forcing them to touch strange people all the time? Like, this actually goes beyond just white people but all cultures of touching as customary greeting. 

It just seems like it enforces abuse culture by telling me that I won’t get jobs and people won’t like me if I decide that I don’t actually want to touch other people’s hands. 

I hate doing it. It always feel coerced. 

Like, my mom is from quebec and they do that french kissing on the cheeks thing. I also don’t like this. I don’t want to have to kiss every damn person that I meet. Seriously. For reals. Fuck. 

This is just post interview stress and random and vague thoughts. 

But fuck shaking hands. Seriously. And fuck the male culture that puts so much stock into it because I use men’s washrooms (mostly) and I see how rarely you nasty fucks wash your hands and then I’m somehow expected to touch it, smile, and grasp firmly.