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see rumple came up with 'princex' out of some kind of urge to decolonize. as did those...

see rumple came up with ‘princex’ out of some kind of urge to decolonize.

as did those of us with languages forced to encode a white binary (ie. pilipinx)

the common thread here, is that this is a linguistic tool of decolonization and resistance to white supremacy and colonialism, as opposed to the gender binary specifically (the gender binary is part of white supremacy but certainly not all)

from kate bornstein (to peg a sort of beginning to the white nonbinary movement) to white colonial encounters with ‘third gender’ ppl

white nonbinary ppl, in so many ways, rely so heavily on both appropriating from our communities while erasing us from history:

white supremacy 101

you ppl benefit from the same system that calls me a ladyboy to denigrate and shit on my womanhood

and then you fuckers run around calling yourselves that because ur so edgy.

all of these ppl tonight are missing this close, intimate connection with white supremacy and how they are enacting it and enforcing it by a deluge of asks to rumple asking for ‘explanations’ and ‘proof’

by whining and asking us to care how the fuck they can call themselves by some disgusting royal title in a gender neutral way that validates their identity.

sorry, friends, ur white supremacists and i don’t carrrreeeeee

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