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romance and crouching tiger, hidden dragon

Hey. This can be my valentine’s day post… hahahahahaha


for no apparent reason I was struck by some feels on my way to work. about Shu Lien and Li Mu Bai.

Because. I’m sure (adn the movie’s narrative supports it) that most people focus on the romance between Jen and her desert bandit. which, sure, is interesting and all.


Think about Shu Lien and Li Mu Bai.

At the beginning of the movie, Li Mu Bai comes back from his retreat at Wudan Shen, talking about how he almost reached Nirvana, or bliss, or something. But you know what held him back? His love for Shu Lien. Who’d loves him back, but shit is complicated ‘cause of her previous husband.

He fucking couldn’t become enlightened because he couldn’t let go of his desire/attachment to her.

And that scene in the tea house, surrounded by the bamboo

when they are finally acknowledging that their love is true and vast

and he takes her hand

and just…

cups it to his fucking face

omg. my fucking feels.

i can’t.