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rhetorical questions for white people

For those deeply and truly concerned about being anti-racist and checking their shit…

How prepared and comfortable are you with the notion that even if you do everything right, some PoC/non-white/Indigenous people will never trust, like, or love you? That some may always hate your whiteness and all the privilege that comes with it? 

Are you prepared to not travel to non-white countries if there isn’t a good, ethical way to do so?

Are you prepared to stop doing yoga, stop getting tattoos and other body mods, etc.? 

If you are doing area studies of non-white ares (i.e., Asian studies, etc.) are you prepared to change your major? Career? 

Are you really able and willing to accept that some spaces will never be for you and that you are unwelcome there? 

I wonder… (but seriously, these question are rhetorical)