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Relearning the Value of Silence

i feel like it has been forever since i”ve written anything substantive. but. i mean. i”ve been really really fucking busy.

but i”ve also been enjoying my withdrawal from feeling really really public. deleting my tumblr and restarting it elsewhere was a great decision. i”m pretty okay with it.

i”ve also been really doing my engagement with stuff differently.


i”m relearning the value of silence.

note: not the value of being silenced.

but the value of spending sometime just shutting the fuck up. part of this, yes, is still about how i fucked up a while back by being anti-Black. but it is also about… idk. feelings on how much space i may or may not be taking up.

it is about me understanding that there is still a lot for me to learn and a lot for me to work on. about taking time to just read and listen to what other people are expressing and reflecting on it w/o thinking like my opinion is necessary for every fucking issue or whatever.

i”m still writing and doing stuff. i”m just. idk. taking my time with stuff now. and i want to start working on my next book.</p>