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recent events

so there has been a lot going on with #girlslikeus this week. i see that four trans women of colour have died this week.1 Chelsea Manning came out and everyone and their grandma has an opinion about her gender.

i imagine that some people maybe were wondering if I had anything to say?

No. Not really. Nothing that I haven’t said before. This still makes my heart hurt. And makes me feel a kind of crushing despair.

I’m at a point, though, where I’m trying to take a step away from having my hurt/pain/anger/etc be the entertainment of random ppl on the internet. i have no desire to star in the role of ‘angry social justice blogger’, not when my pain is actually used as reasons/excuses for transmisogynist shitheads to oppress.

I also…

Remember when Michelle Kosilek’s case was all big in the news. And I was one of the few people who came out to defend her. Because, you know, no one fucking cares about incarcerated trans women. Or whether or not they are being treated like human beings. Is anyone talking about Ophelia De’lonta?

I needed a break from #girlslikeus news because it was increasing my anxiety to harmful levels. Because.

I couldn’t take reading all that news day in and day out. It fucking hurts my heart.

I’ll get back to it. Because I do think it matters. But I’m also not going expose myself, only to be picked apart by shitty assholes on reddit or wherever.