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Could you clarify your binarism benefitting white non-binary people? I’m a NB poc but I don’t understand. I’m not sure I understand the language your using (I feel really stupid now as I don’t understand the concepts you’re telling me…)

Ah. No, it isn’t that you are stupid or anything. I don’t always explain myself all that great. I’m not the best writer, tbh.

I’ll try to break it down a little more clearly.

  1. The binary is one part of white colonialism.
  2. All white people benefit from colonialism.

This is the most simplistic way to frame it, but it isn’t very interesting, since it doesn’t say much about how white non-binary people benefit from the binary beyond their general benefits from colonialism.

  1. One thing that the white binary does is centre two genders: man and woman.
  2. White non-binary genders define and orient themselves with relation 1. to this binary.
  3. That means that they are, inevitably, centring whiteness in their identities.
  4. You can see this by their love of ‘my radical transgressive gender oppresses me’ which actually just serves to erase all of us who have Indigenous, traditional genders that are also non-binary.
  5. Point 3 & 4, at the very least, is how white non-binary people legitimize their genders. By centring whiteness and legitimizing a narrative that relies on the erasure of IaoPoC gender systems and histories.
  6. This legitimizing is also how they come to replicate and enforce white beauty standards into an aesthetic that serves to ensure that they are considered the only truly legitimate, beautiful, and desirable non-binary people.
  7. Point 6, in turn, only further serves to position white non-binary people as the gate keepers not only to the community but also the discourse.
The discourse surrounding pretty much all white non-binary genders continuously predicates itself on the erasure and displacement of IaoPoC.   8. This all represents their contribution to a larger gender discourse that only further enforces the white binary gender system on IaoPoC.
They also, fairly disgustingly, use their rhetoric of binarism to actually oppress cis IaoPoC.   9. They also usually attempt to seek inclusion into movements started by trans feminine IaoPoC all the while claiming that the binary among us somehow manage to oppress them.
1.But. Hey, the white binary also benefits them because they, when seeking inclusion, actually get far far more recognition and respect than any IaoPoC trans woman I've seen receive.

Er. I hope this help. I can try breaking it down further.

If you are inclined to get super abstract and refer to white theories, you could also say that white non-binary IDs are those actually created by power as a necessary means to further legitimize the white binary in the first place. As sort of fucaultian process, if you will.