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read the most seriously ignorant conversation about third gender

Here it is for the very curious. and, yeah, it isn’t a long discussion and full of the usual shit. i did like the one person who used the slippery slope argument to be all ‘zomg, there’ll be a thousand genders!11!1’ – which, i may be particularly dense today but i can’t actually see the problem with that.

more annoying is the way that this conflates the sex/gender distinction that is usually used (dont get me wrong, i’m not a big adherent of the difference myself), but after finding out that the australian X category is for Intersex people only (not them gross trans ppl!) and seeing how the australian Intersex activism seems to be predicated on tossing trans people under the bus (we deserve fewer medical barriers but they don’t!), the distinction is worth mentioning here.

also worth mentioning, as i have many times in the past see this one post and a question i answered about it once ‘third gender’ is also a very specific term with a very specific history and not something that white people should be casually using in the way of the above debate.

and that questions “do we need third genders?”

coming from white people. the same white people who invented ‘third genders’ in the first place as part of their white supremacist colonial enforcement of the gender binary. so, no, we don’t need third genders, but you’ve created a world where cis-supremacy rules all and, thus, kinda makes it necessary. you don’t get to question whether or not i’m essential when your white gaze has partially made me who i am today.

and i don’t give a fuck how many ‘reforms’ or how much hassle it costs for your courts, administrations, etc. to grapple with this reality. fuck you.