i dream of being possible

re my rhetorical questions for white people

Why are so many people trying to answer these questions (or act as if I have any answers)? 


The questions were asked to encourage white people who want to be anti-racist to really think about themselves in a larger context. To think about how their relative positions have meaning when engaging in certain activities. 

Do I have any actual answers? 


Am I telling anyone what they can and can’t do? 

Double no. 

I have no answers to these questions. I rumminate and muse on them frequently. (or similar questions)

– I’m also entirely unclear why/how people are missing the connection between capitalism and colonialism, like, that is the basis for asking these questions, since I’m talking about commodification and shit – 


No answers here. I don’t know what to do about any of it. 


And the other motivation for those questions was asking white people to think about how willing they are to listen and respect the boundaries of PoC. However, I wasn’t actually stating boundaries because many of the examples I give, I have zero right to actually set any boundaries (like yoga. I ain’t gonna say shit about the boundaries of yoga because it isn’t for me to say anything about). 

Le mega sigh.